Launch Party

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who attended The Middle Six® Launch Party last week. And, thank you again to all the sponsors.

If you missed it, you missed a chance to win one of two sets of 4 brewers tickets. The amazing Lauren Hess from Wintrust Financial Corporation has donated one more set of 4 for you to win! The game is on Sept. 10th against the Reds and includes parking. To win these tickets, all you have to do is introduce me to someone who might be a great potential client, employee, contractor, or partner of mine some day. I’ll draw a name next week Friday.

Here are the specifics on the people I’m looking to meet:

  1. Small business owners without defined sales teams looking to hire someone, grow a new sales channel, or exit their business and turn their selling into a process
  2. Any leader at any company of any size who will let me do a Talent Strategy session with them for one of their teams. (3-8 employees) These people are looking to align their people strategy with their business strategy and would love to attach a data point
  3. Invite me to your networking events where I can meet new people
  4. Invite me to present my “Psychology of Sales” presentation at your next team meeting, networking event, or seminar

Thank you again to my amazing network! I couldn’t do it without you!

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