Process Mapping


What is Process Mapping?

Process Mapping is a technique used to visually represent and understand the flow of activities, tasks, and information within a specific process or workflow. In this workshop, we use process mapping techniques to help your team develop a sales process that evolves with you.

Why Process Mapping?

Some small businesses have a sales process that exists solely in their heads, some have every person on their team doing something different, and some small businesses have yet to think about the process behind what they are doing to increase sales.

Training Within Industry

TWI: A Lean tool meant to define a specific job function and set in place minimum standards of performance and focus on:

  • Onboarding
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
  • Consistent Client Experience

Why Sales Process Mapping?

The Middle Six® is obsessed with creating and/or defining companies’ sales processes. We create or facilitate a sales process map for businesses so it’s easy to:


Onboard New Talent


Hold each other accountable


Provide a consistent customer experience


Provide the opportunity for continuous improvement