Discovering Your Team Type

High performance series workshops

No team is effective without trust and communication. With the help of an expert facilitator, this workshop helps you build a self-aware and trusting team. Establish an understanding of each team member’s
motivations and work style, and uncover your group’s specific "Team Type."

Through this catalyzing reveal, your team will become a unit, building lasting cohesion and collaboration habits. You’ll also uncover the group’s collective working style, strengths and blind spots, and leave with a clear action plan to better work in harmony.

Great for these teams

Great for these teams

  • Department Team
  • Executing Team
  • People Manager Team
  • Cross Functional Team
  • Boards
  • Executive Teams
  • Sales Teams
That are

That are

  • Combining from a merger/acquisition
  • Getting a new leader
  • Needing to recalibrate
  • Looking to grow as a team
  • Taking on a mission critical new project
  • 6-20 people

Workshop Agenda

Celebrate team strengths and example potential blind spots that are challenging team dynamics. Improve dynamics by identifying simple actions to address opportunities.

  • Action

    Work Styles

    Your Strengths | Use a common language to explore individual awareness and complementary strengths. Understand each of your individual strengths that you bring to the team. Spend time on 1:1 relationships that serve as the building blocks of the team.

  • You-Others

    Team Types

    Your Team | Celebrate team strengths and examine potential blind spots that are challenging team collaboration. Receive deep insights rooted in science to help you navigate teamwork.

  • You-Others-Work

    Takeaways - Improve Dynamics

    Your Next Steps | Identify simple actions to immediately address opportunities. Focus on one challenge that the team can implement to drive change. Leave with clear action planning to address opportunities to work in harmony.

Turn Your team into a powerhouse

We highly recommend that you consider these workshops as two parts of an overarching, continuous workshop delivered on the same day in a 4-hour session, or on separate days, 2 hours each – virtual or in-person! 


Sales Consulting Powered By Software

Optimize and build your team using science based behavioral data.

Sales Consulting Powered By Software

Optimize and build your team using science based behavioral data.

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