Sales Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

After optimizing your current talent, you may have exposed a gap on your team that needs to be filled. Anyone can be successful in sales with the right process to follow, but sometimes your current team’s bandwidth is stretched to the point where adding talent is the only way to grow.


Our Process

  • The Middle Six® team will source, attract, assess, interview and support you in hiring top talent and the right talent for your business.
  • We offer a search and placement flat fee along with a 30 day guarantee on the selected candidate. If the candidate is terminated within the first 30 days, our team will backfill at no cost.

What makes us different?

  • We charge a flat fee for our services
  • We do all prescreens and interviews
  • You are presented with our top 3 candidates
  • We use software that uses objective data to identify individuals that are hard-wired to be successful in your open position
  • 30 day guarantee or we backfill at no charge

Sales Consulting Powered By Software

Optimize and build your team using science based behavioral data.

Sales Consulting Powered By Software

Optimize and build your team using science based behavioral data.

The Middle Six® will help you get the right person in the right seat with the power of Talent Optimization Software

Heart head briefcase graphic

Behavioral Drives & Cognitive Ability

The reason people are fired


Values, Integrity, Self-Awareness


Education, knowledge, Skills, Experience

What people look at when hiring

The Predictive Index Software allows us to understand the WHOLE PERSON. When we look at sales candidates, we think about the head, the heart and their briefcase. Unfortunately, businesses often put too much emphasis on the briefcase, where they were educated, and what they’ve done and don’t spend enough time finding out if they are the right fit for a sales position. The sad reality is that businesses often focus on hiring people for what they know, and fire them for who they are. At The Middle Six®, we focus on a sales candidate's behavioral drives first and foremost.