Podcast: Welcome to Eloma

“One of the first mistakes that [small business owner’s] make is keeping sales in a silo. The owner of that small business is the only one bringing in the sales and they put it on themselves. And they think in order to scale, or grow, or sell more, that their first plan is to hire a salesperson. And I don’t necessarily agree with that.” 

Lisa Proeber
Lisa Proeber

What an eventful week for The Middle Six®.

A very successful Launch Party, and also a podcast guest spot with Kiley Peters from RAYNE IX Coaching & Consulting on her podcast Welcome to Eloma where Lisa Proeber talks about all things sales.

Lisa discusses common mistakes made by small business owners when it comes to sales and tips for how to be successful in sales using automation tools before ever hiring a salesperson.

Often small business owners think they need to keep sales in a silo and rush to hire a salesperson, but Lisa explains that this is not necessarily the best first move. 

Listen in here and share with a small business owner who has sales on their mind.

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