Case Study
The Perk


Tactical Sales Plan & Sales Boot Camp


  • No dedicated sales team
  • Lack of sales skills, knowledge & abilities


  • The Perk team gained confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to do the selling themselves
dan roe

The best intangible outcome was giving us the confidence to do the selling. We have a mantra at The Perk that everyone sells, so everyone had to level up their skills, and be able to sell. We’re finally comfortable on the sales side, and a lot of that is from working with The Middle Six®.

Dan Roe, CPA

Leadership Coach, Culture Consultant


The Perk is a small professional services studio providing leadership development, coaching and culture consulting. They have a great product, but they knew they could do better with the right selling tools. Being a 5-year-old company, they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel or add a sales person to their team. So, The Perk looked to hire a sales consultant to teach them sales methodologies and skills. They knew their current team could sell because they were the ones providing the services, but they needed help with leveling up their sales game, and that’s where The Middle Six® stepped in.


The Middle Six® assessed and identified the sales problems and crafted a plan of attack. The Perk got the best bang for their buck with a complete action plan of where to start as well as where their opportunities for improvement were. Recognizing that they are a small team and cannot do everything at once, The Middle Six® took The Perk through the sales coaching, consulting and training processes. The Middle Six® provided expertise to answer questions when deals got stuck, assist with client communication, and overcoming objections.




Gained valuable skills to hit and exceed monthly revenue targets


Made a return on investment (ROI) by closing a single deal


Closed a deal within 3 weeks of working with The Middle Six®