Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

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Do you believe in The Power of Positive Thinking? The Law of Attraction? What you put out is what you will get in return. People can most certainly feel your “vibe” and “energy.” Whether you think that sounds foofoo or agree wholeheartedly, it is a thing. When I was a sales manager for a retail store, I often had to help my sales team get out of their funk. When you are paid 100% commission, you can’t be in a funk for long. What would I do? I would send them home, to their car, or to the breakroom to watch “The Secret.” Is it the corniest documentary in the world? Possibly. Is the message important? Absolutely.

Sales Tip of the Month: Next time you are in a funk, bunker down and watch “The Secret”, and believe every word they say with your whole being and you can break any sales funk.


This month we are featuring “The Maverick.” The Maverick is an innovative, outside-of-the-box thinker who is undaunted by failure. Mavericks make EXCELLENT sales managers. Guess who is a Maverick on our team? Want to find out what you are? Use this link for a free assessment.


Xena Workwear was our very first client and we hope to continue working with them forever! They landed on our radar as they were looking to grow their business and wanted to hire a salesperson. (If you ever hear a small business owner say they want to hire a salesperson… send them to us first!) Lisa met with the owner, Ana, and explained that before hiring someone, the right thing to do would be to define what sales looked like for their company, and identify which sales initiatives they should pursue. What are some potential sales initiatives? Check out our Periodic Sales Table of Initiatives. With Xena Workwear we’ve created a B2B (Business to Business) Strategy for them, helped them establish a successful Lead Generation Campaign, and helped get their CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) up and running to be able to scale the new B2B sales channel. Next up, attending a tradeshow on their behalf as a fractional salesperson. Do you want to help Xena become a safety PPE vendor at a company you know? Need some beautiful safety shoes or the perfect blazer?  Let us know and we will get you connected.



Customer Relationship Management Software

Tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and others help you scale your business by creating efficiencies, flows, and automations plus providing live communication for your whole team, accessible anywhere.
At The Middle Six®, we offer comprehensive tech stack support: We’ll help you select the right software, design it to drive revenue, integrate it into your business, and train your team to use it.

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