Sales Boot Camp

The Middle Six Boot Camp

This boot camp will go over the science, art and psychology of selling. The specialized content will go through dozens of unique sales tips and selling exercises to help your team effectively generate leads, increase sales performance, create market awareness, and exceed your sales goals.

Who this is for

Who this is for

  • Entire company meetings
  • Sales teams
  • Networking events
  • Boards
  • Teams with revenue generating responsibility
  • Teams with recruiting or influencing responsibility
Primary Objectives

Primary Objectives

  • Strategically onboard and empower sales talent across various groups
  • Teach core selling competencies
  • Gain insights into each participant’s individual selling style, harnessing their strengths to the fullest while identifying potential areas that require caution

Boot Camp Agenda And Sample Content

Boot Camp Content can be curated to meet events, meetings, seminars or workshops ranging from 1 hour to 1 day.

  • Sales Science

    • Learning Modalities
    • Predictive Index Reference Profiles
    • Individual selling strengths and caution areas

  • Sales Psychology

    • Using the 5 Love Languages to Build Trust
    • Creating Strategic Questions
    • Creating Open Ended Questions

  • The Art of Sales

    • Cocktail Napkin Story
    • Sticky Story
    • What’s Your Uniform?

  • In Person Selling

    • Creating an Elevator Pitch
    • Rules of Networking
    • Body Language

  • Digital Sales

    • FAB’s (Features, Advantages, and Benefits)
    • Sequencing
    • Closing the Deal